Our consultants and coaches are experts in the theory and application of Lean and Agile. This deep understanding comes from years of work in the field and all of the lessons that go with that. We use this learning to help organisations greatly increase their chances of succeeding. We are comfortable operating at all levels of the business from C-suite executives to developers on the ground.


Scrum is by far the most wide-spread Agile framework; and with good reason.

1) Scrum is simple – 3 roles, 5 event, 3 artefacts and a few rules. That is all it takes to get going with Scrum. But nobody said it was easy!!! The underlying theory and supporting practices can take years to master and our coaches can guide you through this process to greatly accelerate your learning.

2) Scrum is powerful – When done well, Scrum can revolutionise the way organisations develop software products. Without the right practices and discipline however, more speed can be a dangerous thing. We can help you to avoid common pitfalls.

3) Scrum purposefully incomplete to allow for evolution and improvement – There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Scrum. Using our years of experience, we can help you use empiricism to evolve towards a solution that perfectly fits your organisation.

We offer advice and coaching around the values and principles to help the Teams achieve mastery and find their on path to agility. We have found that this makes for a much more powerful and long-lasting adoption.

  • Highest Level of Scrum Knowledge and Certification

    Scrum Alliance ‘Certified Scrum Coaches’ are experts in both the theory and practice of Scrum and how to apply it at the organisational level.

  • Create Great Software with High-Performing Teams

    We can help you to delight your customers by building great products with motivated, passionate Teams who love coming to work each day.

  • Developing and Certifying Your Team

    We use interactive training and hands-on coaching to help to build a strong capability in your organisation. We offer the Certified ScrumMaster certification to those we believe are ready.


  • Lean Kanban University Accredited Training

    Trained by the creator of The Kanban Method, we offer official Kanban training using tried-and-tested- techniques to kick-start your learning.

  • Improve Your Organisation Through Evolution

    We can help you to improve the way you deliver to better suit your customers without large up-front reorganisation.

  • Hands-On Guidance from Experienced Coaches

    Our coaches have worked with Kanban for years to help to improve the delivery capability of countless organisations.

The Kanban Method is a powerful and much misunderstood method.

It is not just Scrum without the sprints. It is management method to improve your service delivery and to transform your organisation into something that is fit-for-purpose.

The Kanban Method can be used with whatever processes are currently in place. It very consciously starts from where an organisation currently is and used Kaizen to spark evolution over revolution. This more gradual approach can lead to far less change resistance as everyone gets bought into the improvement programme.

Our experienced trainers and coaches can guide you through the systems thinking approach to implementing Kanban to tailor the core practices into something that delivers real change in your unique organisation.

The Kanban Method is perfectly compatibly with Scrum and we can show you how to use them together to get the best of both worlds.

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS)

Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a power framework to help your organisation take Scrum to the next level.

Large Scale Scrum is the fact that it is not a heavyweight, prescriptive process that uses Scrum at the team level. It is Scrum scaled. This means that is retains all of the strengths of Scrum. LeSS is:

1) Simple – LeSS retains the simplicity of Scrum which means that organisations can get going sooner rather than later with minimal training.

2) Powerful – Correctly implemented, LeSS will transform the way your organisation delivers large and complex software products.

3) A minimalist framework perfectly adaptable for your unique organisational context – Using the same pillars of empiricism as Scrum (transparency, inspection, adaption) LeSS is able to evolve into something that fits your organisation like a glove and allows you to quickly and effectively build great products, at scale.

Our coaches are amongst the most experienced in the world at coaching organisations through LeSS adoptions.

  • Official LeSS Coaching Company

    We have been through rigorous assessment by the creators of the LeSS framework and are proud to be an official LeSS coaching company.

  • World Class Training and Coaching

    We have real, hands-on experience helping organisations adopt LeSS and can help to avoid common pitfalls.

  • Organisational Level Coaching and Engagement

    Our highly trained executive coaches are skilled at operating at the C level to guide leaders towards enabling true business Agility to solve real business problems.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

  • Certified Training and Coaching

    Trained by the creator of the framework, we are able to offer high-quality certified training to kick-start your SAFe adoption.

  • Organisational Level Change

    We are skilled at working with senior leadership to guide them through the changes necessary to support a SAFe implementation.

  • Leadership and Support

    We provide the leadership necessary to be effective whilst supporting and building the team.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an increasingly popular enterprise-level solution to scaling Agile. With its three-tiered approach, SAFe covers all levels of the organisation:

1) Portfolio – This sits at the top of SAFe and manages a set if investment themes. These are funded with with a percentage of the overall budget which does away with the idea of project-based work.

2) Programme – This is the level at which large business or architectural features are defined and ordered. This helps teams to stay aligned to the vision and roadmap.

3) Team – A combination of Scrum and XP is used at team level to allow multiple teams to contribute to one release train.

SAFe is a complex set of processes and practice with which organisations generally need significant support. We can train and coach your organisation through the process.

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